Friday, July 15, 2011

On the Horizon

I'm excited. My two weeks of summer break are coming up soon, and I have some awesome goings-on to look forward to.

First, my band, Foley Bluegrass, will be playing at the Lubbock Country Club and at an Ice Cream Social that serves as a fundraiser for a really old, really cool school-building*.

Second, the Tony Hillerman short-mystery-story deadline is fast approaching, and I will be submitting my short story, "Coffee and Cartels," to it! The folks over at Word Harvest can expect my entry soon.

Between song writing, mystery writing, and academic writing, I have my hands full right now. But busy doesn't have to be a bad thing...and it doesn't have to stop me from plotting my next story and/or song...

Speaking of busyness, I'm off to write another paper. Later!

*Picture of me, my sister, and my husband at the old Close City schoolhouse.

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