About the Author

I am a long list of nouns and adjectives, an often socially awkward geek who loves to read and write and play guitar while singing at the top of my voice and, in quieter moments, to daydream about becoming the next head screen writer for Doctor Who. I believe that what I do is more of a craft than an art, which is to say that although I am passionate about writing (be it novel writing or song writing), I prefer to approach it as work so that I can apply my beefy and awesome work ethic to it.

While I identify primarily as a writer, I am also proud to be a college instructor, home-school graduate, song-writer, vocalist and guitarist, and blue-stripe (Taekwon-do). I love hiking and hunting in the wilds of my home state, New Mexico. I am also an avid  reader—since early childhood—with a particular fondness for mysteries, thrillers, suspense novels, and anything even remotely involving Sherlock Holmes.

Although I’ve been writing seriously since the age of sixteen, I’ve spent the last several years obtaining both a B.A. and (as of Spring 2013, barring any unfortunate setbacks) an M.A. in English Literature at Eastern New Mexico University, during which time I have edited the campus literary journal, El Portal, twice (Fall 2010 and Fall 2012, respectively). My thesis focuses on female detectives in popular fiction (I did mention my obsession with mysteries, did I not?).
My current writing projects include an epic fantasy, REMEMBER THE ALAMOK, the first in a series that my co-author, A.L. Brown, and I are currently in the process of showing off to agents. My personal projects include a Mystery, THEY CALLED HER LA LLORONA, set in my home state, New Mexico, and an Urban Fantasy, THE MONSTER IN MY POCKET, set in one of my favorite places: Denver, Colorado.

I also have a genius scheme in place for another novel, but have promised myself to wait until I finish both of my current WIPS.

When I'm not writing stories, I'm usually writing and/or performing songs with my bluegrass/folk band, Foley Bluegrass or my eclectic-mix-of-random-musical-stylings-I-love, Bentley Ground.Or drinking coffee, because coffee is a pastime unto itself.