The WIP(s)

They Called Her La Llorona:
 A string of bizarre drownings in the semi arid, New Mexico town of Ebbson has town Marshal, Jesse Clacher, worried. What appear to be accidental deaths are actually murders--the victims strangled and then left in whatever water is available. But Clacher hasn't released this information to the public, and the townspeople are beginning to make conclusions of their own: it looks like the work of La Llorona. So, when a barefoot Mexican woman wearing a tattered, white dress covered in dried blood stumbles into the Gulpin' Gulch Bar one late night, wailing about her missing children, Clacher knows he only has days to solve the crimes and save the mystery woman's life...

The Monster in My Pocket:
When Jael Jotun falls under suspicion for the theft of a priceless, antique gnome, loses her job, and learns that she is either half-troll or all-crazy, she tries to set everything right in her own, exceptionally eccentric way. Her decision sets off a chain of events that threaten the entire city, not to mention the only friend that she's got left.

It's a simple case of conquer the monster and save the city, but when the monster .is you, the solution is not as simple as it sounds...

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